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About Us

1301 Walnut Green Road · Post Office Box 4016 · Wilmington, Delaware 19807 · Phone (302) 689-3798· Fax (302) 613-2561

In 2013, we founded Walnut Green with a wealth management strategy intended for taxable accounts owned by high net worth individuals. We believe that the best way to make money is to keep fees and taxes as low as possible. Our goal is to buy great businesses at fair prices and hold on to them.  In addition to being tax efficient, this is important because we think that we are more likely to succeed by predicting the future success of strong, profitable, well-financed businesses than to attempt to time market prices.

Si Hyland
  • Education – Amherst (BA, Political Science) and Columbia (MBA) 
  • Prior Experience – Si was a political consultant and a manager at Speakman Company, leading its green initiatives. He founded and sold AMAX USA, an evaporative air conditioning manufacturer. He is the major investor in Rukket LLC a sports equipment manufacturer. Si is also on the board of Eleutherian Trust Company, a Delaware limited purpose trust company. 
Sam Fiechter
  • Education – Duke (BSE, Electrical Engineering) and Widener Law (JD) 
  • Prior Experience – Sam practiced transactional corporate law. He was an operations and finance manager at AmeriStar Technologies, a value added reseller of PC and server equipment, and Fort Hill Company, a web company with an online application designed to enhance corporate training.